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・ Control of up to 128 air conditioners through a single console, combined with a special interface allowing connection of up to 16 commercial-use water heaters.
・ SC-SL4-BE2 model has functionality to calculate per-minute charges for use of air conditioning in leased buildings.

Touchscreen-type central control console

nba-first-half,The new models add functionality to the previous SC-SL4 series allowing connection to the Q-ton air-to-water heat pump, giving building managers integrated, centralized control over both air conditioning and water heater units. A single touchscreen-type central control console combines the existing functionality to control up to 128 air conditioning units with a special interface allowing simultaneous control of up to 16 Q-ton units. The air conditioning and Q-ton systems can also be controlled and managed through a PC or tablet over an internet connection. Additional functions include operating time display over the last month, and automatic adjustment of temperature settings according to the outdoor temperature. The SC-SL4-BE2 model has functionality that allows building owners or managers to calculate per-minute charges for use of air conditioning units in leased properties.

free poker private games Thermal Systems, by providing optimal thermal solutions centered on sales and service of air conditioners for stores and offices, and building climate control systems, will continue to conduct business with consideration for convenience and operability, as well as the global environment.,app-to-watch-soccer-games

  • Q-ton is an air-to-water heat pump that delivers extremely high energy efficiency by utilizing a natural refrigerant, along with a proprietary two-stage compressor combining rotary and scroll technologies. It is able to operate even in extremely cold conditions to minus 25℃, allowing for use nearly anywhere in the world.

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